"Wine & Whiskey" and "Bubbles & Bloodies"

Complimentary Tastings inside the Festival grounds on Friday and Sunday from 2:00 - 3:00 pm

The "Wine & Whiskey" tasting on Friday, August 4th will allow festival attendees to interact with distillers, wineries, brand ambassadors, and industry professionals all while enjoying the music of the Main Stage. Some of the best distilleries and wineries in Colorado and beyond will be featured at this year’s event. Festival pass-holders receive a commemorative tasting glass to sample delicious craft spirits and wine along with artisanal snacks.

Celebrate the two of the most beloved brunch cocktails in style on Sunday, August 6th! “Bubbles & Bloodies” will feature a variety of vodkas, tequilas, and sparkling wines to celebrate all the pleasures of the palate. Festival pass-holders receive a commemorative tasting glass, delicious craft Bloody Mary’s & Maria’s, sparkling wine and the ultimate Bloody Mary Bar to add your own touch.

KJ Wood Distillers

Jinn Ginn

Jinn Ginn

Through the mist of time we know the 9th century alchemist ‘Rhazes’ codified distillation
and coined the term al-koh’l. This word meaning both intoxication and Jinn (genie) gave rise to the “spirit” in Aladdin’s Wonderful Lamp from the Thousand and One Night
Ourye Whiskey

Ourye Whiskey

100% Rye mash whiskey aged for 1 year in New American Oak Casks. Born and bottled at 8,500 ft in the San Juan Mountains. The lushness of Ouray has been captured in this bottle of Ourye!
Dead Drift Colorado Aged Whiskey

Dead Drift Colorado Aged Whiskey

First, find the water you want your bourbon to drift through then cast upstream to this spot. Mending your mash creates a drag free fermentation, your grains imitating free-floating, real nymph. Casking bourbon allows time for flavor to sink deep into the profile
Berthoud Blue Vodka

Berthoud Blue Vodka

Distilled with blue corn, a Vodka like no other.

Telluride Distilling

Telluride Vodka

Each of our hand made spirits uses only the finest ingredients distilled in a unique high altitude environment to provide you with a one of a kind experience. The smoothness of each sip will keep you coming back for more. Experience the first legal spirit ever to be available in Telluride.

Woody Creek Distillers | Vodka

Gluten Free Vodka

Somewhere along the way, vodka became a spirit for people who didn't want to taste what they were drinking. And other distillers have been all too happy to appease them. Making their vodka ever more devoid of taste and character, or by adding a litany of ridiculous flavors. But now there is Woody Creek potato vodka. Distilled once, because that's all it needs and available in only one flavor. Vodka. Woody Creek. The return of real vodka.
Woody Creek Distillers | Rye Whiskey

Straight Rye Whiskey

Made from 100% Colorado rye, this 90 proof, rye mash whiskey is both complex and extraordinarily smooth. Aged at least two years in new American white oak barrels, Woody Creek Colorado Straight Rye Whiskey embodies distinct rye character with pronounced white pepper throughout the palate, notes of citrus peel on the nose, and oaky vanilla mid-palate.
Woody Creek Distillers | Gin


Introducing Woody Creek Gin, a combination of classic London Dry and New World gin. We start with pure potato spirit and and distill it to above 190 proof. We then take locally sourced, hand-picked juniper berries and mix them with other botanicals such as fresh lemongrass, coriander, cinnamon, angelica, hibiscus, lavender, cranberries and grains of paradise, as well as fresh orange and lemon peel and lime wedge. The base spirit and the botanicals are left to macerate for a full day at 150 degrees fahrenheit and then redistilled, resulting in an extremely smooth, handcrafted, ultra-premium American gin with extraordinary character and complexity.

Codigo | Tequila Blanco


Código 1530 Blanco is the expression that best reflects the pure taste of our perfect inputs. We take pride in every step of our production process, carefully sourcing only the best ingredients to produce a spirit that requires no resting.

Peach Street Distillers

Gin (Jackalope) 
D’Agave (silver) 
Bourbon (Rye & Colorado Bourbon)


Each winery in attendance will be showcasing various selections from their extensive collections. Wineries include: 

14 Hands Winery, Chloe Wine Collection, Cupcake Vineyards, Sanford WineryHanna WineryRed Diamond WinesNinety + Cellars, Iron Side Wines, Magic Door Vineyards