Show Off Your Products Or Menu To Thousands Of Festival Attendees

Put your company on display all weekend long and make a lasting impression and turn festival attendees into loyal customers.

We are looking for high quality products, either handmade or unique and beautiful. Artisans and crafts people are highly encouraged to apply. Food booth selection will be based on affordable and creative menus. We do not duplicate craft or food booths (i.e. we would not accept two sunglasses vendors or two pizza vendors.) If you were selected as a vendor last year it does not guarantee your acceptance this year.

2019 Vendor Applications ARe Closed. Applications For the 2020 Festival Will Open FEBRUARY 1, 2020!

Please read the following before considering applying.

2019 Booth Fees:

  • $550 for Food/Beverage booths

  • $450 for Craft/Retail booths


  • 4 non-transferable 3-Day festival passes.

  • 1 Vendor Vehicle Pass to unload/load your stuff. Once you are set-up, your vehicle must remain parked in the vendor area during the festival. We do not allow re-entry once the festival has begun. Site Access is from 6:00 am to 8:30 am each day; access will reopen 30 minutes after the last act each night.

  • Access to on-site primitive vendor camping. Limited to two people per booth.

  • Access to two (2) 110 volt outlets.

Booth Requirements

  • The overall appearance and presentation of your booth is critical to the overall feeling of the festival and to your retail success. We want to ensure that everyone has the best possible experience. The Festival staff determines booth placement.

  • Booth space is limited to a single story 10' x 10' booth (including all wires, stakes, poles, etc.) with a good roof that can withstand wind, rain, snow, hail and other inclement weather. Come prepared for all types of mountain weather.

  • For the sake of all vendors we will not allow booths that look like "tarps on sticks". We insist you have four sides on your booth, the fourth side to cover the front of your booth at night. Food vendors will be given an additional prep area behind their respective booth. If you are not sure we will accept your booth, please send us a picture.

  • You must provide and set up your own lighting. All naked light bulbs must be screened. Your extension cords should be at least 100' feet long. If you need 220 volt (food booths), please let us know on the application form. Power will be very limited for the craft/retail booths. Be very detailed in stating your power needs.

  • Your booth must be open during the entire festival. You cannot vacate early.

Please staff your booth with fun-loving, toe-tapping, smiling folks!

Your booth must be neat, attractive and well-maintained. You must have a professional looking sign...please no neon lights or flashers. Banners and flags are encouraged.

You are responsible for setting up, maintaining, and removing your own booth, your merchandise and your trash. Your booth must be removed and the area cleaned up before NOON on Monday following the festival.

All craft booths must have a usable 5 lb. fire extinguisher and all food booths must have a usable 11 lb. fire extinguisher both must have a valid inspection tag.

Additional requirements for food/beverage booths:

  • Food/Beverage booths must comply with local food handling regulations.

  • Food/Beverage booths must have wood flooring to meet county regulations.

  • The festival will provide refrigeration. Each food vendor will be allowed one pallet of storage area within the refrigeration truck. You must provide your own storage pallet.

  • Sysco is our official food sponsor for the Festival. All food vendors will be required to use Sysco whenever possible as their primary food provider.

  • 20 lb bags of ice will be available for purchase behind the beer booth for $6 per bag (price may change).

  • Please indicate on your application if you will need 220 volt service.

Environmental Concerns

We are committed to minimizing the impact of the festival on the environment. We encourage for you to do your part and help us maintain our reputation as a “green” festival. As such, we require the use of bio-degradable utensils and accessories (plates, cups, food containers, etc). As with the provision of food, vendors wherever possible, will be required to source and use these bio-degradable products through Sysco. Food vendors whose application is accepted will be given further information regarding this initiative.

We will provide compost bins for bio-degradable products and food in the vendor area. We will also provide recycling bins for glass, aluminum, approved plastics and cardboard in the vendor area.

All vendors will be required to remove any wooden pallets they bring into the festival grounds. Failure to do so will result in a removal fee being deducted from their deposit.

We will provide a grease barrel for all food vendors. This type of waste is considered hazardous, and therefore we ask that you do not dump any of it in regular dumpsters or attempt to pour it down the sink.

Vendors found not following these rules will be removed from the festival.

Vendor restrictions

Pets are absolutely not allowed on Festival grounds.

Due to town restrictions, glass containers, Styrofoam, breakable plastic, carry-in alcohol and weapons are not allowed on Festival grounds. Please adjust your product line accordingly.

All vendors will be required to remove any wooden pallets they bring into the festival grounds. Failure to do so will result in a removal fee being deducted from their deposit.


Various forms of lodging are available throughout town and at various prices. Call Silver Star Properties at 970-728-3001 for available lodging and pricing. Please note, lodging in Telluride and Mountain Village tends to sell out quickly!


Festival Camping for vendors is also an option. The Festival provides a primitive area reserved exclusively for vendors. Space is limited. For more info, please contact us directly.


Children 11 and under are free when accompanied by an adult. Children may access the vendor area only through the front of your booth.

Booth deposit

A $200 refundable deposit is required with your application and will be returned to the vendor by mail after the booth space is vacated cleaned, inspected and sales taxes have been reported and paid to the Festival staff. This deposit is required even if you have vended at the festival in the past. Please send only one check for both the booth fee and the deposit, and insurance if necessary.

Booth insurance/responsibility/liability

You will need to either supply Telluride Jazz Festival with a current Certificate of Liability for a minimum of $2,000,000 naming SBG Productions as an additional insured or pay a $100 premium to the Festival and we'll make sure you're insured. Please indicate your preference on this application.

Vendor accepts responsibility for all lost or stolen merchandise and equipment.
Vendor accepts all responsibility, liability, and costs for any damage to booth, to customers, to the festival and to the environment.

Vendor Sales Tax

Craft/Retail Vendors are required to pay 8.4% sales tax on their gross sales by NOON, Monday, August 12, 2019 checks payable to Telluride Jazz Festival.

Food/Beverage Vendors are required to pay 10.4% sales tax (8.4% town sales tax plus Telluride's 2% airline guarantee excise tax) on their gross sales by NOON on Monday following the festival checks payable to Telluride Jazz Festival.