Telluride loves Turkuaz. In what has been a story of love at first sight, this Brooklyn-based, not-kidding-around, soul-funk outfit won hearts and booties with its high energy live shows over the last few years they’ve toured into the valley. We just had to have them back after last year when they knocked it out of Town Park and then again for a smoking show at the Sheridan Opera House. The fabulously funky nine-piece is Dave Brandwein, guitar and vocals, Taylor Shell, bass, Craig Brodhead, guitar and keys, Michelangelo Carubba, drums, Chris Brouwers, trumpet and keys, Greg Sanderson, tenor sax, Josh Schwartz, baritone sax and vocals, and the never-stop-moving vocalists Sammi Garett and Shira Elias. Clad in different hues, they’re a kinetic rainbow emanating funk, soul, psychedelia and rock from the stage. Snappy horn arrangements, electrifying guitar work and a rhythm section that’s a locked-in locomotive ensures that no one, and we mean no one, can sit still for their show. That’s the kind of love everyone needs!


Saturday, August 10 at 6:10 pm (Main Stage)
Saturday, August 10 at 10 pm (Sheridan Opera House)