Music education and outdoor adventure pair for the ultimate summer camp. Registration is open now!

Ages 12+  | July 30 - August 3  |  Tuition $790 | Skill Level: Beginner to Moderate

The Telluride Jazz Festival teamed up with Caleb Chapman's Soundhouse and Telluride Academy to offer a week-long music education and outdoor adventure academy for students leading up to the festival. The Telluride Jazz Adventure Academy will give students Ages 12+ the opportunity to learn new music skills, collaborate with peers, perform on stage during the Festival and experience outdoor adventure in the beautiful San Juan Mountains.


Camp Registration is available through the Telluride Academy’s website at the button below. Tuition is $790.  

Academy Participants Receive

  • Music Course Instruction from instructors at Caleb Chapman’s Soundhouse. 
  • Outdoor Adventure skills instruction and guidance from counselors at the Telluride Academy.
  • A 3-Day Festival Pass to the 2018 Telluride Jazz Festival.
  • The opportunity to perform on the “Society Stage” at Elks Park during the festival.
  • Homestay and student lodging assistance available upon request. For more information contact us here.

Camp Objectives - Students will have the opportunity to experience the following:

  • Learn new music techniques and skills from world-renowned music educators from Caleb Chapman’s Soundhouse including: Jazz Improv, Theory and Articulation, Group Rehearsal, Music History and more.
  • Collaborate with peers.
  • The opportunity to watch professional musicians perform on the Festival Main Stage and participate in Interactive Artist Sessions with performers on the “Society Stage” at Elks Park.
  • Experience outdoor adventures guided by professional field staff and local naturalist in the towering San Juan Mountains. Adventures include: Hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, rock climbing, rope and knot tying lessons, nature lessons, a radio station tour and more.

Parents - Enjoy a vacation, come watch your children perform, experience Telluride: 

  • Telluride is a renowned vacation and festival destination featuring a variety of accommodations, outdoor recreation, award-winning restaurant, shopping art galleries, unique victorian architecture and more.
  • Homestay and student lodging assistance available upon request. For more information contact us here.

About Caleb Chapman’s Soundhouse

At the Telluride Jazz Adventure Academy students will have the chance to take their music skills to the next level with a team of world renowned music-educators from Caleb Chapman’s Soundhouse. Over his 20+ years as a music educator Chapman and his team has received a staggering amount awards of, including 45 DownBeat Magazine Awards, 25 Best of State Medals in his home state of Utah and more. He has helped his students earn well-over $1,000,000 in scholarships and many have gone on to become professional musicians.

More than just music, the Chapman’s Soundhouse program teaches students skills that are applicable to any career path they choose. At the close of the Academy students will be able to show off their skills on the Telluride Jazz Festival’s "Society Stage" at Elks Park and at other venues around town. The learning doesn't stop there, as Academy students are also invited to enjoy world-class music, artist workshops and more at the festival all weekend long.

About the Telluride Academy

Telluride Jazz Adventure Academy will also treat attending students to world-class adventure in the towering San Juan Mountains. Since 1980 the The Telluride Academy, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, has offered kids and teens the opportunity to enjoy physical activity, creative learning, environmental stewardship, responsibility to others and positive life choices through experiential education in Telluride’s vast mountain landscape. The Telluride Academy hosts 120 programs every summer.

After morning music sessions are over, Academy students will head out the door for adventure including hiking, high-alpine lake paddle boarding, rock-climbing, rope and knot tying lessons, nature lessons and more. All of these adventures will be guided by top-notch field staff along with local naturalists. For students these adventures can be fun and challenging yielding a confidence boost that lasts a lifetime.


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