As this band’s name suggests, rhythm is what we’ll get. They bring in elements of funk, psychedelia, soul, progressive jazz, Afrobeat, and R&B into their sound. As one commenter on one of their Youtube clips noted, “If Lettuce and Snarky Puppy had a baby, it would sound something like this.” Fierce guitar work, a punchy horn section, melodic funky bass, and keyboard wizardry combine for incendiary work on their latest album, Caldera, a collaboration of a most fruitful kind. Polyrhythmics rely on circular groove and melodic content, a state of song that induces a trance-like, lost-in-the-music experience. The band is: Ben Bloom, guitars, Grant Schroff on drums, Nathan Spicer, keys, Lalo Bello and Karl Olson, percussion, bassist Jason Gray, Scott Morning on trumpet, Elijah Clark, trombone, and Art Brown playing sax and flute. The Seattle Times called them, “funk maestros.” We concur.


Friday, August 3rd at 3:20 pm (Main Stage)
Friday, August 3rd at 10:00 pm (The Moon at O'Bannon's)