2019 Telluride Jazz Festival Photography Agreement

This form serves to confirm that I have been granted a photo/video or audio pass for the Telluride Jazz Festival on the condition that any material arising from the photographic session to be held on Friday, August 9, Saturday, August 10 and Sunday, August 11, 2019 in Telluride, CO is used for editorial use, in the only for the media outlet(s) listed in the form below.

The license hereby granted to you to photograph the artist is limited to the above grant only and NO right to sell, license or reproduce the material for advertising or commercial purposes either to be sold, to be distributed free or to be otherwise exploited in any manner whatsoever. Nor may any material arising from the said session be reproduced in any publication devoted exclusively or predominantly to the artist unless prior permission has been obtained from the Telluride Jazz Festival, artists and their management. Photos, video or sound bites taken at the event are to be used for promotional purposes only. By signing this agreement, I hereby agree to refrain from using any materials obtained at Telluride for any other purpose other than to promote the Telluride Jazz Festival. Photos, video and/or audio may not be exploited in any manner without the express written authorization of the Telluride Jazz Festival.

Standard Photo Policy

The photo policy states that photos may be taken only during the first three (3) songs of an artist's performance without use of a flash (unless pre-approved by the artist).

Standard Video Policy

The video policy is the first 30 seconds of the first song of any performing artist (unless pre-approved by the artist). Video of performers can only be shot in the photo pit area of the stage during this time and not from the crowd during the remainder of the performance.

The stated photo and video policy is subject to change per individual artist request. Please check with the Telluride Jazz Festival festival representative at the stage or Media Lounge for additional information. Guidelines may be altered only with the prior approval of the artist.

I further agree to abide by the Telluride Jazz Festival photo policy defined herein. This policy is imposed solely for the benefit of the artists and the Telluride Jazz Festival. Failure to abide by this policy will result in the confiscation of images/recordings and ejection from the Telluride Jazz Festival.

I hereby agree to indemnify the Telluride Jazz Festival, artists and their management and agents against any claims, losses or damage suffered by the Telluride Jazz Festival, artists and their management and agents as a result of any breach by you of the above. Please indicate your acceptance of the foregoing conditions by signing this letter and returning it to the media representative.

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I agree to the 2019 Telluride Jazz Festival Photo Policy stated above.