Wait until you see what this gentleman does with an upright bass. Much as Jimi Hendrix reinvented what was possible with the electric guitar, Miles – who was named after jazz legend Miles Davis – has redefined how bass is played. In a word, he is an innovator. In addition to his playing, he is a luminous figure in the Los Angeles music scene as a singer, composer and arranger. He is a founding member of the West Coast Get Down, a collaboration of musicians born and raised in LA. He is one of Rolling Stone magazine’s Top 10 Artists You Should Know, and his latest record, Uprising, features the WCGD in a brilliant piece of music that is basking in critical acclaim. He scores music for film, video games and television, and has collaborated and toured with artists such as Jason Mraz, Christina Aguilera, Chris Cornell and Lauryn Hill. He is well on the way to wearing the same mantle – legend – as his namesake. His appearance here at Telluride Jazz Festival is nothing short of a gift. Open it.


saturday, 5th at 6:10 pm (Main Stage) | SATURDAy, 5th 10:00 PM (SherIDAN OPerA HOUse)