Wow, wow, wow. The Mattson 2 are identical twins from Southern California. Jared Mattson plays guitar — layer upon layer — and Jonathan Mattson drums. Though hardly the world’s only guitar-drum duo out there — White Stripes, Black Keys, The Pack A.D., Shovels and Rope are just a few in the rock genre — The Mattson 2 are unlike any such duo you’ve ever heard. Jared’s guitars swirl and swoop, creating an ethereal and urgent soundscape, while Jonathan’s drumming drives their powerful sound. We’ll oversimplify things and call it jazz-rock, but sonically the Mattson’s music stretches far beyond that description. There’s a breezy, swinging feel to their compositions and given their California roots, it should come as little surprise that guitar sounds bringing to mind Dick Dale emerge from the tumult of sound the pair creates. Their seven records reflect a diversity of cultural influences and collaborations with notables in the jazz world. Pardon the repetition, but wow, wow, wow.


Friday, August 9 at 2:20 pm (Main Stage)
Friday, August 9 at 10 pm (The Moon at O’Bannon’s