This set will be fun and smooth and easy on the soul. LP is vocalist Leonard Patton who comes at this project with a strong background in gospel as well as jazz. He has teamed up with the Danny Green Trio — pianist Danny Green, bassist Justin Grinnell and drummer Julien Cantelm — who, with LP, are The Vinyl. The group runs classic R&B tunes through a jazz filter, resulting in fresh takes on familiar compositions. The band’s deft improvisations combined with Patton’s warm vocals and breezy scatting beautifully turn old favorites into completely fresh new takes. Classy and gifted, LP and The Vinyl will have you dancing and grooving with covers of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and other giants of the pop-soul world, with a heap of classic jazz on top. Delicious.


Friday, August 9 at 1 pm (Main Stage)