We will hazard a guess that FatsO is the first band from Bogotá, Colombia to have ever graced the Telluride Town Park Stage. Daniel Restrepo is FatsO’s frontman, composer, contrabass player, and a singer with a smoky, dark bar voice that is brimming with the soul, jazz and blues music he loves. In Restrepo’s bluesy voice you can hear his influences -- Ray Charles, Joe Cocker, Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits.

Bogotá’s music scene is eclectic and inventive; musicians there explore electronic, jazz, rock and avant garde paths. From this rich stew, Restrepo has surrounded himself with the best. Alex Barragan on tenor sax, Cesar Morales on drums, Daniel Linero on alto sax and clarinet, Elkin Hernandez, also on alto sax and clarinet, Julio Panadero on clarinet and Santiago Jimenez on guitar bring all their diverse influences into one, fantastically unique sound.

Why FatsO? It’s Restrepo’s nickname for his bass, a beauty of an instrument he had sent to him from Cuba. It arrived in shambles, so he rebuilt it, and locked himself away, composing and playing and falling in love with the music they made together.


friday, 4th at 4:50 pm (Main stage) | friday, 4th at 10:00 pm (sheridan opera house) | saturday, 5th at 1:00 pm ("SOCIETY STAGE" at elks park)