Davina Sowers is the sassy front woman of this energetic and dedicated blues-roots-jazz outfit based out of Minneapolis. She of sly lyrics and dynamic stage presence plays keyboards like a turn-of-the century (the last one) honky-tonker on a mission to entertain. In the course of a Vagabond set, you will hear the sounds of blues, New Orleans, jazz and gospel, a sound Davina can only describe as “unique.”

Their latest record, Nicollet and Tenth, was released last year and is a live recording that perfectly captures their onstage energy, charm and deft musicality. “On the corner of Nicollet and Tenth, in downtown Minneapolis, lies a moody jazz club called the Dakota,” Davina remarked. “The Vagabonds and I have been playing there for over 10 years. It is our second home and we are welcoming you to come in, grab a drink, and listen to us play our hearts out to you!”

Lucky for us, we will behold with our own eyes and ears the magic of a Vagabond performance.


saturday, 5th at 10:00 pm (the liberty bar & lounge) | sunday 6th at 12:30 Pm ("Society Stage" at elks park) | sunday, 6th at 4:00 pm (main stage)