The power of music to gather, evoke emotion and send a message is undeniable. At the Telluride Jazz Festival we’re committed to using the few days we have with our attendees and our resources to promote sustainability and environmental responsibility. The Telluride Jazz Festival puts the planet and sustainability as a top-tier of priority when doing business. Through action and partnerships we focus on waste reduction, earth celebration, environmental education and advocacy, we aim to have the most positive impact as possible.


The Telluride Jazz Festival has implemented the following programs to reduce our footprint at the festival and year-round.


No Single-Use Plastic Bottles

The United States uses roughly 50 billion plastic water bottles a year, and nearly 80% of them end up in the landfill. The Telluride Jazz Festival says no to single-use plastic water bottles, in-fact you won’t find one for sale in the festival. Instead we’ve built two free, convenient, easy to use water-stations in the festival grounds. Bring a water bottle or use a reusable cup, just say no to bottled-water.

No Single-Use Tasting Glasses and Compostable Beer Cups

Instead of using single use plastic the cups for our Wine & Whiskey, Bubbles & Bloodies tasting  the festival employs multi-use souvenir cups. Along with these souvenir cups compostable cups are utilized for beer, wine and cocktails at all festival bars.

Compostable and Recyclable Utensils

Every festival food vendor serves their food on compostable or recyclable plates and utensils reducing unnecessary plastic waste. We also utilize compostable dishware in the Patron Area and other festival catering areas.

Compost and Recycle Stations

There are multiple staffed compost and recycle stations located throughout the Festival for proper waste disposal. Each station is manned by an environmental volunteer who helps determine if  trash can be recycled or composted.

Energy Efficient Pedestrian Travel

The Telluride Jazz Festival encourages attendees to carpool to Telluride, then park and leave their vehicle put for the weekend. With Telluride’s robust public transportation infrastructure this is a safe, simple and fun way to reduce carbon emissions. During the festival the Telluride Gondola offers free transportation to-and-from Mountain Village from 7-2am each day. In town the Galloping Goose offers complimentary rides on a 20 minute circuit, while the Wilkinson Public Library offers cruiser bike rentals.  


Low-Commuting Office

More than 75% of time, the festival’s full-time staff utilizes human-powered or public transportation options to commute to our office reducing carbon emissions.

The Telluride Jazz Festival has the goal of becoming carbon neutral and providing environmental education and advocacy over the next few years. To stay updated on sustainability happening at the Telluride Jazz Festival signup for our newsletter.