You’re gonna look so good with that funk all over you. The funkiest, sassiest, baddest bass-man in the universe is coming to deliver the correct dosage of funk that you didn’t even know you needed.  

Bootsy Collins was a session man at King Records when he was all of 17 years old and James Brown hired him. How’s that for a career starter? Soon after, he joined George Clinton’s legendary Mothership, Parliament Funkadelic, where the lessons he learned during his tenure as a member of the J.B.s came into full flower. Clinton encouraged experimentation, far-out jams and chaotic revelry. Bootsy was all-in for the ride. Acid fueled, sequin-spangled and gloriously funky music, fronted by the unpredictable antics of Clinton, Parliament Funkadelic cranked out the hits and freed minds wherever the Mothership landed. Bootsy’s spin-off band, Bootsy’s Rubber Band, further deepened his funk groove and highlighted his outrageous lyrics. 

The man who idolizes Jimi Hendrix feels duty-bound to carry his torch. Bootsy upholds Hendrix’ forward-thinking, boundary-stretching approach and has been name checked in songs by Tom Tom Club and The Fugees. Bass players on the quest for a funkier style can enroll in Bootsy’s online Funk University, where Bootsy promises, “Funk Disciples, prepare to revolutionize your playing,” with music theory, funk history and technique. A 1997 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee (as a member of Parliament Funkadelic), Bootsy’s work stands head and shoulders above the crowd – could be it’s those the platform, thigh-high boots! 

Beyond his commitment to funk, Bootsy is a compassionate and generous human being whose many contributions to a wide range of community organizations dovetail with his belief in giving back. “If we can be successful impacting the lives of others, we will end up with a citizenship that is connected, engaged and more likely to be successful. If we enable all citizens and especially those in disadvantaged situations to be involved in their communities we will be creating a rising tide to lift the community out of poverty and will have an educated and dedicated workforce in our communities” Now that is righteous and funky. Let’s tear the roof off the sucker!


schedule announcement early spring